INTERMEZZO - Klevere Übergangslösungen für leer stehende Immobilien

nothing is forever...

Are you wasting
energy and money on your empty building?

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We’ll breathe new life into your property.

At Intermezzo we can economically manage your vacant premises for as long as you’d like us to. And whether you plan to subsequently refurbish, re-let or demolish, you can rest assured that your space won’t be illegally occupied or vandalized while it’s in our care.
Why? Because we’ll find a new temporary use for it. And we’ll look after every aspect of that, from selecting the tenants to drafting the contracts and all the day-to-day management. And at the end of it all, we’ll make sure that your property is available to you again precisely when you want it.

Then please contact us: we’ll be delighted to talk to you!

Planning a move?
Developing a start-up?
Trying to get an arts project off the ground?

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We may have just the premises you need!

At Intermezzo we care passionately about people and their environment. And that’s why we strive to make optimum use of temporarily vacant properties.

Temporary occupancy is an ideal solution for anyone seeking flexible accommodation. And we can offer affordable short-term rentals for students, expats or entrepreneurs starting a new venture. We also provide temporary spaces to develop innovative businesses, cultivate arts projects or conduct charity activities.

In all our endeavours, our prime focus is on revitalizing vacant properties (and often their surroundings, too!), providing a comfortable and convenient environment for our tenants and making optimum use of the premises for everyone concerned. So if you have any need for some temporary space, we’ll be happy to hear from you!  

Business & The arts

Studios and workspaces


Non-profit organizations

solutions for
temporary needs

Intermezzo is an independent, innovative and professional team of entrepreneurs that brings spaces to life and people together.

And we’re convinced that the interim use of temporarily vacant property can have a hugely positive impact on our urban and social environment and inspire new life cycles.

So please check
out our offers